Why a Smart Student Information System is a Key Factor for Driving Student Engagement


People tend to perceive things in the light of their past experiences. This is also true when it comes to the notion of ‘learning’ – we get our ideas of what ‘learning’ means from what we have experienced in the past.

So, we may think of the learning process as something which takes place in a school or a college and requires a physical presence in the classroom. We may also picture it as a person sitting alone in a desk, studying and trying to memorize a lot of information in order to pass an exam.

However, a bit of reflection will show us that the learning process is much more than that. After all, children learn a lot before they even go to school – they learn how to speak, how to walk and much more. Educational psychologists tell us that any activity which leads to changing our behavior is ‘learning’.

Add technology to the mix, and you can realize how powerful this change of behavior can be for kids and adults, inside and outside the classroom.
Thus, learning in the modern age doesn’t happen only in the classroom and during academic hours. It can happen anytime, anywhere, as long as educators can find smart ways to incorporate technology in the learning process.

Introducing a smart student information system will help schools boost student’s engagement with the school, and as a result, improve the learning process.

Growing up with technology

The educational system is rapidly evolving more and more every day, adapting to new technologies in order to improve the way we teach, manage and organize education.
Student information systems are the new norm when it comes to education technology and even more schools and institutions rely on them for organizing the educational process and streamline operations.

Students today are growing up in a world where technology is everywhere. Kids these days are often being parented by tablets and already have got their own smartphones, having access to information 24/7.

As a result, both students and parents have high standards when it comes to technological advances in the academic environment. So they can be judgmental when it comes to new software systems they are expected to use. Poor user experience or low-quality design discourages them from using the software altogether because it requires extra effort compared to what they experience elsewhere (e.g. social media).

Improve data accessibility and collaboration

A well-designed student management system makes it very easy for both students and parents to manage procedures connected to the school experience. From schedules to classes, from admissions to absences, etc. education mixed with technology has brought up a more effective approach to the learning process.

Having a smart student management system allows students, parents, and teachers to be aligned on the daily schedule and manage academic deliverables.
For example, parents can have real-time access to the assignments, daily tasks and overall academic performance of their kids. In this way, they can always be in the loop of their kids’ performance without having to wait for monthly or quarterly feedback from the academic staff.
This way they can effectively support their kids outside the classroom. Additionally, such a system empowers kids as it gives them real-time feedback and helps them understand their academic progress.

Reduce administrative overheads

Automation of administrative tasks such as attendance recording or registration to classes, can improve daily processes and decrease overhead.
Moreover, giving students a way to manage simple tasks on their own, such as requesting leave or signing-in and out of different classes, not only teaches them how to take on responsibility but it also helps to reduce the staff related administrative overhead.

Build your future with Classter

Taking all the above into consideration, there is no doubt that student information systems are the future of education. The adoption of such a system can have a positive direct impact on the academic process and it can empower the collaboration between kids, teachers and parents.

Classter is a robust end-to-end school & learning management solution offering a holistic approach to education. Fully integrated with Office 365 and Moodle, this all-in-one system can be used by any academic institution, from K-12 to colleges to universities, in order to cover all school management needs.


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