Advantages of Admission Management Software

Educational institutions are quickly recognizing the advantages of having their admissions management moved online. With the Covid-19 pandemic affecting the traditional education system all around the world, it is equally important to provide students and their parents a safe, online admission environment.

Admissions management is a core process for all institutions and one of the key factors for their success. With the introduction of student management software, the admissions process has been improved drastically thus making the application process accessible no matter the social distancing protocols of the Covid-19 pandemic.

The admissions period is often one of the busiest periods of the academic year for most institutions. This new admissions period will be unique in the fact that institutions are facing a global slowdown in education due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the need for social distancing. An admissions management system can provide the necessary assistance to your admissions office, streamlining the process and making the application process easier for both administrators and applicants.

Advantages of admissions management software

  • Access anytime: The admissions system is accessible to student applicants and administrators dealing with the admissions process on a 24/7 basis. It can be integrated with the institution’s website for easy access by applicants.
  • 0% lost documentation: With a digital software system, it is harder to lose any registration documents. The cloud-based storage service is safe and reliable. So, no more piles of forms and manual data entry. The system saves resources and money for every institution.
  • Access from anywhere in the world: You can access the system from any place in the world using mobile devices such as tablets and mobile phones. This gives the applicant the ability to register online and this even gives the opportunity to disabled applicants in remote locations to participate in the admissions process. Something that was previously not possible.
  • Handling the complete admission process: The admission department of the institution can handle the student information process from the moment the student applies and even after the student graduates from the institution. This gives the institution the ability to collect valuable data and to use them for research and statistics purposes.
  • Ease of use: The admission system platforms are designed in a way to bring simplicity to the application process. One certainly doesn’t have to be an IT professional to use an admission system.
Advantages of Admission Management

Why turn to an Online Payments Gateway?

The current COVID-19 pandemic has shown us all the need to make the payment process as easy and safe as possible, the old practices of making payments by sending in checks, going to the bank to deposit tuition fees or paying in cash is no longer a viable solution for students or parents.

The introduction of an online payment gateway is hardly a new concept, but it is more relevant now than it has ever been.

Online payment gateways offer payers the ability to pay their tuition fees online, easily and safely, as part of the unified admissions process. In collaboration with the institution’s student management system and its admissions management system, the Online Payment Gateway completes the set for a unified solution that will allow applicants to complete all necessary actions safely from the web.

The advantages of online payment gateways

Let us look at the advantages:

  • Speed: Paying your tuition fees has never been faster, with the integration of student management systems and online payment gateways, a student can be charged the exact amount, and he can pay quickly with a debit or credit card.
  • Safety: Students or parents have a safe environment to make their payments with no fear of credit card fraud!
  • Convenience: Online payment gateways offer many methods of payment. The use of Credit Cards, Debit Cards, Direct transfers, Apple and Google Pay and more, are supported by most online payment gateways.

Classter Admissions Management Solution

Classter’s advanced enrollment management system will allow students or parents to easily enroll online to courses, subjects and extracurricular activities. In addition, the software allows candidates to self-register using the admission portal and have immediate access to a personalized web dashboard.

Classter institution management system can cover your school or university registration needs from first-year applicants to alumni. The Admissions office can handle candidates, create registration workflows, and handle all the communication via Classter CRM and Admission modules.

Classter provides a quick and easy registration process, allowing candidates or even their parents to register to various educational programs, using the online registration form template to your website, upload their personal contact information and all the required documents. Furthermore, at the end of the registration process, they may even automatically receive financial offers.

The revolutionary Classter admission system

The software provides candidates with the ability to self-register using the admission portal and have immediate access to a personalized web dashboard. Moreover, apart from candidate’s access to announcements, personal calendar, and messaging services, you can also manage candidate’s applications, entrance examinations and inform them of the results.

Classter admission system and analysis

An important and crucial step for the success of your institution is based on analytics. Classter’s advanced admission and analysis feature can provide you with comprehensive information and reporting from the moment potential applicants become interested in the institution until the completion of the enrollment process. Additionally, another key element is that the platform allows you to measure your progress on registration every year or compare the numbers of candidates that have registered or drop out every year. Classter can give you detailed information that will not only save time and effort, but it will also help you increase your registration numbers and reduce drop-out rates.

Some of Classter’s other valuable features when it comes to admissions are:

  • Entrance examination system in order to choose the best among the candidates. Implement an advanced level entrance examination system and allow your admissions officers to select highly qualified students. Provide results available online, send mass emails or inform candidates using SMS messages.
  • Sales promotion, discounts, and online arrangements

Classter offers special vouchers and discount codes that can maximize your promotion strategy. Use Classter Admissions module (coupled with Classter Billing) to offer discount vouchers, coupons or other deals to motivate your candidates to register via their personal portal and have access to their discount coupons.

  • Re-registration process Another revolutionary tool that the Classter admissions module offers is the re-registration process which allows students to apply for next year’s studies, enroll themselves to education programs, subjects, or even extra curriculum activities or complimentary services.
  • Creation and editing of documents

Classter offers the ability to create a dynamic list of documents and fields enabling the users to add the required information and upload the necessary documents. Users can fill out text boxes, select from drop-down lists, use date pickers, upload files, and much more. Build your online forms easily, define the list of supporting documents or fields, and customize your forms to match your needs.

  • Online Payment Gateway integration with BlueSnap

BlueSnap is Classter’s latest integration and is an exceptional Online Payment Gateway that offers quick and safe payments for students and parents, as well as it provides the functionality for managing recurring payments.

Moreover, Classter’s advanced enrollment management system will allow students or parents to enroll online for courses, subjects, and extracurricular activities easily. Implement Classter’s online enrollment system to provide quality services to your students and their parents using a highly flexible but fully controllable solution.

In case your institute does not have an integrated admission process, then Classter can provide you with a highly effective solution that is fully compliant with GDPR regulations for the protection of applicant data.

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How does online admissions management software contribute to maintaining continuity during the COVID-19 pandemic?

Online admissions management software enables educational institutions to continue their admissions processes seamlessly despite social distancing measures. It provides a safe, accessible, and efficient environment for applicants and administrators.

How does Classter play in simplifying the admissions process for my institution?

Classter offers an advanced enrollment management system that facilitates online enrollment, document management, communication, and analytics. It streamlines admissions workflows, enhances applicant experience, and ensures compliance with regulations.

What features does Classter offer to improve the admissions process?

Classter provides features like self-registration portals, personalized dashboards, admission workflows, entrance examination systems, sales promotions, re-registration processes, document creation/editing, and online payment gateway integration, optimizing the entire admissions lifecycle.

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