Classter at Thessaloniki #JobFestival 2019 Reborn

Classter is pleased to announce its participation in the two-day Thessaloniki #JobFestival 2019 Reborn, which is focusing on promoting job opportunities for young graduates in Northern Greece. The event will take place from 8 to 9 November at the Ioannis Vellidis Convention Center in downtown Thessaloniki.

Every year, Skywalker, in collaboration with the Municipality of Thessaloniki, organizes this celebration of youth development and entrepreneurship with the aim of helping young people find work, learn useful knowledge and broaden their horizons.

Through the event, Classter looks for talented candidates for a number of  job openings:

  • Mobile App Developers
  • Front End Developers
  • Back End Developers
  • Technical Support Personnel
  • Content Creator / Technical Writer
  • QA Tester
  • Technical Sales
  • Pre-Sales Support
  • Project Manager


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