Classter at “Cutting Edge Technologies in Educational Practice ” by Avgouleas-Linardatou Schools

On March 6th and 7th, Avgouleas-Linardatou Schools is hosting the education conference “ Cutting Edge Technologies in Educational Practice”.  Avgouleas-Linardatou Schools, recognized for innovation due to integrating technologies in education, will be hosting the event for another year as a Microsoft Showcase School event.

During the event, a number of key speakers, including Georgios Linardatos, Avgouleas-Linardatou Schools’ General Director, will cover interesting topics around education for all levels and specialties, such as e-learning, special education and gamification in education. Our very own Business Development Manager, Theodoros Dimitrakoudis, will be demonstrating live how Classter’s functionality can meet the operational needs of schools in the modern school environment with an emphasis on the Academic aspect of the system.

Avgouleas-Linardatou Schools have recently trusted Classter as their Student (SIS), School (SMS) and Learning (LMS) management system, one of Europe’s Top 10 EdTech Start-ups for 2020. EdTech solutions are focused on simplifying the organization and operations for educational institutions of all levels. By enabling EdTech solutions for institutions, educational leaders can offer benefits to all stakeholders: students, teachers, parents, and employees. As a result, institutions can minimize their operational cost, teachers can spend less time on administrative tasks and focus on student’s learning needs, while students can follow personalized curriculums created based on their specific requirements.

Classter offers Avgouleas-Linardatou Schools the ability to transform their normal everyday operations of the school from the physical to the virtual. In response to the changing needs and requirements of academic institutions, Classter has improved its module functionality and widened its integration capabilities. The integrations with MS Teams, Zoom and WebEx came as a direct result of the need for distance learning in an educational environment that required adaptability and new teaching methodology.

Classter is revolutionizing the EdTech space with its cloud-based, end-to-end student and learning management system. Founded in 2015, Classter is an all-in-one, modular Student and Learning Management System with SaaS architecture, that addresses the needs of all educational institutions in every level of education. The platform has been successfully adopted by many educational organizations since 2015, and is currently used by over 500 educational institutions worldwide, with over 500.000 active students, teachers, and parents on the platform.

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