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Introducing Classter’s Brand-New Module: Internship & Thesis

Classter proudly presents its brand-new module: Internship & Thesis. The Internship & Thesis module combines two major functionalities.

Classter proudly presents its brand-new module: Internship & Thesis. The Internship & Thesis module has been created with a scope to offer educational institutions the ability to increase student’s future employability, their practical skills and knowledge of the workplace environment. Moreover, institutions can better organize academic and learning processes by offering Thesis topics for students connected to their subject areas.

The Internship & Thesis module combines two major functionalities:

Internship: The ability to connect students and companies, towards mutual benefits. Students get the chance to apply their theoretical knowledge and gain practical experience about a job they wish to pursue in the future or after graduation! Companies can get valuable help on everyday work tasks and bring in new ideas into their environment.

Thesis: In many educational systems, students in their final year of college or university are required to complete a thesis project to graduate. This module manages and organizes this process for professors and students.

Internship’s Features

Company Profiles & Management

In this section, administrators can create company profiles and user accounts for companies that are included in the internship module. Companies will then be issued credentials to manage their profile and offer their internships to students on the Classter platform.

Internship Creation & Management

Once a company profile is ready, they can start creating internship opportunities for students to view and apply for. Internships offer a great learning experience to students, which does not only help students in putting their theoretical knowledge into practice, but it turns them into future employees, ready to be employed in junior positions.

Manage Workflows

Internships can be created and adjusted to follow a specific workflow, based on the needs of the company and the academic institution. With Classter, you can create workflows for an internship program, add stages and requirements for the applicants. Creating workflows assists you in seeing the internship evolve, from the day a student clicks on apply to the day the student says goodbye to his colleagues!

Student Internship Dashboard

Classter informs students that a subject they are enrolled in has an Internship requirement and that they need to explore their internship possibilities. Each student is able to apply to more than one internship offer and plan interviews with employers if required. As students can have multiple successful applications, they will choose how they will proceed and choose between internship offers.

Contract Management

As in all work relations between an employee and an employer, there are written agreements stating the rules and responsibilities of a job. In this module, companies will be able to upload contracts for students who are accepted to an internship program.


The logbook is a functionality that provides a means to keep an archive of activities regarding student internships, much like an internship calendar. Both students and employers can add notes about their everyday working experience, as well as mark attendance.

Thesis’ Features

Student Thesis Dashboard

In many academic institutions, students are required to select a Thesis topic as their final project before graduation. Classter’s Thesis module streamlines the process for more effective and efficient management. Each student can apply to more than one Thesis topic and plan meetings with professors if required. As students may be accepted to more than one Thesis topic, the final decision on the topic they will work on belongs to them.

Teacher Thesis Management

Teachers can use their Classter accounts to start creating Thesis topics for students to view and apply for. Thesis projects can offer students the opportunity to take on a large project and learn how to do research and organize their activities and responsibilities. The experience gained does not only help students implementing their theoretical studies on an actual project, but it gives them the possibility to become future researchers.


The logbook is a functionality that provides a means to keep a log of activities regarding the students’ Thesis. Students and teachers can write down notes about their daily progress, as well as add comments.

Thesis Marking

A Thesis project is an important part of students’ educational experience, as it is a meaningful way to teach students how to manage time and do research. Students who have completed their Thesis project are marked by their professors based on the quality of results of their project.


Internship & Thesis Module Outcomes:

  1. Build Company Relations: An academic institution that matches the best students to the requirements of companies will be able to build a reputation with companies and better relations for future cooperation.
  2. Increase Employability: Graduates with work experience have a leg up in the job market, as they have initial workplace experience and are ready to be employed.
  3. Increase Student Practical Knowledge: Students receive a taste of the real-world working environment and accumulate experience regarding activities they so far knew only in theory.
  4. Improved Thesis Completion Rate: Making the process easier to follow and supervise, students get the necessary support to complete their Thesis Projects.
  5. Improved Student & Teacher Communications: By offering a specific area for Thesis management, you also have clearer communications between teachers and students regarding Thesis projects.


Recognizing todays necessity to relate theory with practice, and academia with industry, Classter has created a brand-new module Internship & Thesis. In this way, Classter enables students’ early placement in the job market, as well as streamlines the Thesis process for improved graduation rates.


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