Classter is a Silver Sponsor in the GUnet’s Elearning Gala in Athens

Elearning Event

Classter, the leading provider of student information, school and learning management system, is thrilled to announce its sponshorship in the GUnet’s Elearning Gala in Athens, analyzing the topic: “Innovative digital learning solutions for internationally active Greek companies: retaining talent and exporting technology to the global market”

About Elearning Gala

The GUnet’s Elearning Gala is going to be held on the 23rd of June in the National Hellenic Research Foundation in Athens. This brilliant event is organized by University of Piraeus Research Center and Greek Universities Network (GUnet) and will focus on providing innovative solutions for experts and companies to stay ahead of the curve in the ever-evolving digital landscape. A comprehensive program has been developed to share information about educational technology, international best practices, and knowledge for those in the training and education sector, such as heads of departments, educational administrators, and academics and business owners engaging in digital learning.

Attendees of this event will gain up-to-date knowledge about the most recent developments in technology-driven learning from Greek firms who are active on the international stage. Furthermore, they’ll learn how to apply these solutions to their own businesses. It will be an opportunity to share knowledge, discuss fresh ideas concerning digital education, training, and lifelong abilities, and network with others with the same interests. This will provide a beneficial experience to those who want to use digital learning to increase their reach in the global market, as well as a unique platform to collaborate with others.

About Classter

Classter is a well-known supplier of educational technology services. Their Student Information, School & Learning Management System is specifically designed to help academic organizations worldwide to modernize their processes and streamline their administrative duties. Classter’s products have been utilized by over 600 institutions in 25 countries, counting more than a half-million active users.

Classter is hoping to expand its influence around the world, replicating its accomplishments in Europe to North America and the Middle East. Taking advantage of their existing foothold in the European market, Classter has been widening its alliances globally to gain a better understanding of the demands of each area.

“As CEO of Classter, I am delighted to sponsor the GUnet’s Elearning Gala in Athens. Classter is proud to support this initiative, as we believe that empowering organizations with cutting-edge educational tools is key to unlocking their full potential in the international marketplace. Together, let us pave the way for a future where educational institutions thrive through innovative digital learning solutions worldwide.”

Nikolaos Nikou, Classter Founder & CEO

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