Classter Nominated for Start-up of the Year at SESA

We are proud to announce that Classter has been shortlisted by the SESAwards at the national level! The South Europe Startup Awards contest for startups from the South of Europe and is the latest addition (2019) to the Global Startup Awards. The GSA is a global competition to recognize the best and most talented startups of the global startup ecosystem. The Award process is simple, first, the nominations are announced and then they are opened for a public vote to decide the winner. The Regional Finale of the competition will take place on February 27 and 28, 2020 in Turin, Italy where winners will be announced.

SESAwards (South Europe Startup Awards) is a celebration of technology, providing an annual spotlight to innovative ideas that have managed to come to life, be successful and contribute to the greater good of society. Seven countries are competing in 20 categories and each country will provide a national winner for each category. Classter is nominated for Startup of the Year for Greece and the result will be decided by your own vote.

Classter is an All in One Student, School and Learning Management System with features designed to make any Educational Institution more effective and efficient in managing institutional operations. Classter.com, founded in 2015, is one of the most innovative software systems in the world, using Cloud-based SaaS technology, providing a comprehensive solution for educators, integrating the features of three different management systems, the Student (SIS), School (SMS) and Learning (LMS). Classter has been successfully implemented in various educational organizations since 2015, managing to establish an extensive network of affiliates and resellers in more than 10 countries, including countries in Europe, the Middle East, and North America. Classter is currently used by over 200 educational institutions worldwide, with over 300.000 active students, teachers, and parents on the platform.

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