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Vertitech is proud to announce the re-branding of the educational product, to Classter. The company has successfully been operating in educational management systems since 2009, and this change only strengthens our commitment to continue providing state-of-the-art solutions using cutting edge technologies.

Integrated with Moodle LMS and Office365, and its products, Vertischool & School Portal, offered an end-to-end management solution for finance, academic and relationship management with a single sign-on mechanism accessible to students, teachers and parents through web or mobile.

Today, the new brand gives a new sense of relevance to the product mix and signifies the product’s evolution and expanded capabilities around the cloud.

Classter is not just a change in name. It’s part of the overall effort to reform a strategy that better reflects customer’s needs as well as our ambition for international growth.

“Classter continues to evolve, enabling the creation of an online educational institution through an innovative free cloud version.  Our progressive and holistic solution focuses on offering exciting new user experiences and connecting diverse individuals with the experiences that surround them in education. Our first official showcasing as Classter will be at BETT 2016. This will be the 4th time we attend this exhibition and feel that being in the center of worldwide education, will be the best place to present our product live. We are entering a new era and look forward to engaging our customers in this exciting new ride.” said Nikolaos Nikou, Vertitech CEO.

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