Classter @ Thriving Global Silicon Valley Phase 2: Global Growth Acceleration

We are proud to announce that Classter has been selected to participate in the second phase of Thriving Global Silicon Valley Phase 2: Global Growth Acceleration, organized by Enterprise Greece. Enterprise Greece is the official investment and trade promotion agency of the Greek State, operating under the auspices of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Enterprise Greece, as part of its actions, aims at promoting and strengthening the innovation-technology sector. Following the successful pilot program “Thriving in the Storm”, this year it organized an even more comprehensive program to support extroversion and business acceleration of innovative technology companies. This year’s program, entitled “Thriving Global Silicon Valley Program”, is implemented in cooperation with the USMAC (US Market Access Centre) and with high-level experts from Silicon Valley.

In Phase 1: Thriving in the Storm – Boot Camp, 18 companies participated in 5 days of online sessions with technology experts from Silicon Valley. The purpose was to inform participants about the specifics of the US market, to understand what product changes they will need to make to conquer new foreign markets, and to create a realistic timeline for expansion into these markets.

Classter, offering one of the most innovative and cost-effective SIS platforms worldwide, was selected among 18 companies to participate in the second phase of the program. In Phase 2: Global Growth Acceleration, 6 companies will be closely mentored by high-level experts for 4 months. Each company will be matched with an expert in their industry sector from Silicon Valley to receive personalized mentoring and will have the opportunity to conduct meetings in the Bay Area with executives of tech companies.


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