EU Investment Fund: Changing the world of education with Classter

Changing Education

Changing Education. Recently, European Investment Fund published an article about how a school management software like Classter can change the world of education.

EIF is a specialist provider of risk finance to benefit small and medium-sized enterprises (SME) across Europe, and they are part of the EIB Group.

Classter is a cloud-based platform that offers one-stop management solutions for academic institutions from primary education through to colleges and universities. Classter helps schools manage their academic, finance, transportation and library operations and interact with teachers, students and parents. From class schedules and bus timetables to invoicing and feedback to parents, Classter offer a customisable end-to-end solution to running an academic institution.

Until 2015, the company was focussing mainly on the Greek market, working mainly with private schools. Since then however, they have branched out, selling to over 400 academic institutions in the Balkans, southern Europe, Africa and most recently the UK and Germany. Changing Education

The software behind Classter has been developed by Vertitech, a software development company financially backed by Odyssey Venture Partners and EIF. This investment allowed Classter to push ahead with product development, taking the product to the next level and improving the interface, but also to make a serious investment in sales abroad, reaching out to new clients. “Selling abroad is a different ballgame altogether and we needed to adapt and dedicate resources to that.”

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