GEPS 2016 – View from Classter’s CEO

GEPS 2016

GEPS 2016. Global Education Partners Summit is an annual opportunity for Microsoft partners in education to meet each other from across the world, listen to inspirational figures and share beliefs regarding the evolution of education.

Attending Mircrosoft HQs in Seattle for 3 years in a row now, the experience and knowledge that we gained was once again immensely valuable. Hundreds of partners from all around the world attended the event and I was honored to represent Greece and our Classter brand.

During this time I had the opportunity to connect with remarkable partners, showcase the Classter solution and receive valuable feedback and thoughts for the product. All these short conversations transform this year’s GEPS into a fruitful and memorable experience.

Workshops and seminars from well-known Microsoft executives were held, during the 3-day event, creating a common ground of the broader change and progress in the education technology community. One of my key takeaways was Microsoft’s strategy presented by the CEO, Mr. Satya Nadella and by the VP of Education, Antony Salcito. They both highlighted how education will change our lives in the next few years and by the sound of it, I’d say, the next chapter of technology evolution has already been written.

Our vision and ongoing effort at Classter is a combination of an open school with adaptive learning processes. An open education community where all entities (students, teachers, parents, even school leaders and stakeholders) have immediate and controlled access to information, effective collaboration and strong communication elements. It is the doorstep to build effective communities and connect each individual with experiences that surround them in education. Personalized or adaptive learning from the other, will help each teacher to optimize timetables for the needs of each learner. A multispeed school with blended learning becomes a reality. Teaching can now be an interesting and effective process either online or in person.

Classter’s comprehensive infrastructure and unified systems offer educators and learners the opportunity to live the education of tomorrow. Fired up by Microsoft’s cutting edge technologies and mostly by OneNote and Office 365, we constantly update the product so as to fit not only the current edu-environment but to futureproof education.

We have already started investing in the dominant trends such as the cloud and mobile. Classter’s Free version is currently on the cloud (currently on Beta) and the team is working on building the full solution there. Classter App for Teachers is another innovative release that enhances in-class management through tablets or mobiles.

Me and the whole Classter Team, look forward to bringing the future of education technology to each teacher, student, parent and enable personalized learning for any academic institution.

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