Academic CRM

Candidates Management

Admissions and registrations are definitely tedious and complex processes.

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Be in control of every aspect of these processes with Classter. You can manage candidates, documents, admission checklist and applications. Students and/or parents can enroll online following a simple process and the admission office is notified at the same time.

What’s more interesting is the total management of Alumni relations with Classter CRM features. Be in touch with your contacts all the way along the line.

Personal Calendars

Each student, teacher, parent and employee in Classter has a personal Calendar.

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Like that all events, meetings, actions , assignments or exams are organized and easily monitored by end users.

More than this, end users can review entries and see their personal meetings list. They can also easily replicate all this information to their personal Google or Outlook calendar!

Events Management & Attendance

Schedule and manage events both online and offline. Teachers can also create events online from their personal dashboard.

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Upon the event’s initiation it is automatically uploaded on the school central calendar and on users’ individual calendars too.

Finally, when an event is held, administration people can register attendance.

The online reservation of resources and halls, will launch soon!


Create easily announcements presented to specific set of students, parents or teachers.

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End users can view announcements either in the specific announcements pages or as rolling titles in their dashboards.

Like that Classter informs all users in secured and controlled way!

Internal Messaging & Notifications

Teachers, students and parents can easily communicate each other using the internal messaging and notification systems of Classter.

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Classter will control all the communication allowing specific communication flows and forbidding contacts that your academy or institute decides to forbid.

All information is controlled and stored in Classter Database allowing easy tracing of issues arising among students, parents or teachers!

Classter is here to replace the non-controlled social media based flow of information!

Creation and Management of Offers

Do you want to prepare and send financial offers to students about tuition fees or other related services?

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Classter will allow you to create financial offers and convert those to final financial arrangements and agreement. Using pre-defined installment plans , users can form multiple financial offers and send them to end customers.

Versioning control and approval process is also part of the module. Implement now Classter CRM and get control of your offers!

Remarks & Actions

Classter allows end users to register remarks and actions.

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You as an administrator may create a set of differen action or remarks types and allow end users to create, edit, approve or complete. The advanced configuration of Classter will allow you to set detailed security settings and provide rules about automated email notification.

For each action or remark type you can define a set of next action type, notification rules, notification templates and detailed security setting.

Thanks to unapparelled Classter CRM functionality, you can easily design workflows and detailed forms for scheduling and registering actions and remarks.

Bullying Management

Use CRM actions to register remarks or incidents related to Bullying events.

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Handle the whole process professionally and keep detailed record of all events and actions taken.

Classter will support you for a better in-school management of any bullying incident!

Customer Requests

Do you overloaded with parents or students asking for certifications or other papers from your back-office?

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Do your students have to queue to get any paper or print out require a real , physical signature?

No worries any more! Use Classter and let students or parents to request certification official copies or any other official report or transcript using Classter portal.

Back office employees will receive a notification and they can automatically print out any report with one click. Just configure fully Classter CRM and improve your services in a go!

Incidents & Feedback Management

As larger as an educational institution is, more incidents are rising and tasks become unmanageable.

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Teachers create and handle incidents happening in the school environment from within their custom portal or from the back-office. To keep track of your series of actions, Classter maintains historical data per incident.

To increase students and parents’ involvement, the team added complaint uploading and handling tools within their personal portals.

Online Meetings Booking

Do you want handle students-teachers or parents-teacher meeting in a professional way?

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Then implement Classter online meetings booking system. Allow students or parents to search for teachers availability for meeting and require a person-to-person or online meeting.

Handle the whole process, impose restriction in all sides and have a clear overview of what is going on!

More than this, help students and parents to easily book their meetings. They save time, you save money!

Mass Messaging via SMS or email

Keep your students, teachers, parents and other contacts informed real-time.

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You have just to select your recipients and initiate a CRM action. Choose SMS, mailing or both, communicate and share information with them asap.

Automatic emails and newsletter send out is also possible through Classter Manager.

Good communication is the key to maintain and keep connected your school community.

Alumni Portal

Do you keep contact with your ex-students? Do you enable them to form alumni groups and keep communicating each other?

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If not, then you should start immediately. Use Classter and implement an Alumni portal with personal calendar, announcement and capability for internal messaging in no time.

With Classter, you don’t need to spend time in difficult integrations or expensive third party solution. You have it all in one package! So simple!

Counselling Office and Marketing Tools

Your Counselling Office and your Marketing dept. can enjoy some special Classter functionalities.

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From the one hand, Counselling Office has access to student information, where can supervise students mentoring, registration to colleges, CVs creation, job applications and volunteer programs participations.

From the other, marketing is more effective when it has access to valuable information. Via Classter you can manage promotional campaign results. For each student you can have detailed information for the way-campaign he was approached as well as the CRM actions realized to enroll him.

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