Classter and Microsoft’s School Data Sync Integration

We are happy to announce that Classter has developed a new integration with Microsoft’s School Data Sync. Although we implemented integrations with Office 365 and MS Teams in the past, it was not possible to support the SDS functionalities until now.

Microsoft and Classter

School Data Sync (SDS) is a service in Office 365 for Education that reads the educational organization and roster data from the organization’s Student Information System (SIS). This functionality saves time through automated class management in Office 365 and enables educational institutions to sync their data with SIS through Office 365.

More specifically, SDS technology automatically creates a group in MS Teams for every class/subject in Classter. When doing so, the educator becomes the owner of this group, while students are members. Moreover, educators can make use of MS Teams assignments, while, after marking them, the grading will return to Classter.

An important advantage is that it allows for automatic updates, therefore if a student leaves or joins a class, the corresponding MS Teams group is automatically updated. Therefore, the SDS integration removes the hassle of manually adding or removing students in two systems.

In a nutshell:

  • Automatically create an MS Teams group as soon as you create a class in Classter.
  • Simultaneously return MS Teams assessments’ grades in Classter.
  • Concurrently, update the MS Teams group when you add/remove a student.

Recognizing today’s necessity to automate academic processes as much as possible, Classter has extended its wide range of integrations with Microsoft’s School Data Sync. In this way, Classter enables seamless communication between students and teachers, whether from the app or MS Teams.

Discover how you can also integrate Microsoft’s School Data Sync with Classter now.


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