Product updates I July 2022

Classter updates july 2022


  • An additional filtering option per Type has been added for each subject in the Subjects list

  • Minor changes in Teacher’s Portal, in the “My Classes” section

  • Employees have the option to send a message to the entire institution directly from the recipients list in the Message center

  • Added a CV Data section in the student and educator profiles

  • Two advanced filters have been added in the “Students per Medical Data” view

  • Added two new settings in Messaging & Notifications settings, “Use specific sender email address per”, “Allow {Teachers} to add new sender email”

  • The Event Management menu has been added in the Partner/Employer portal
  • A new role type “Partner/Employer” has been added

  • New social media fields have been added for students and educators

  • A new profile page tab has been added to the student profile page

  • In the Student list, a new view has been added, i.e., “Student per period”

  • Improved Alumni Dashboard and Menu

  • Supporting documents can now be displayed also only to specific user roles
  • Validation rules have been established regarding the field “Global Registration Number”


  • An additional view has been added in Attendance list, namely “Live Attendance”

  • In Assessment Scheduling, a button has been added to insert simultaneously all students of a class

  • In Assessment Scheduling, either a numeric or descriptive grade can be massively added in the respective column
  • In Gradebook Analysis, the whole page can be exported in PDF format

  • An additional setting has been added in Marking settings, namely “Auto re-calculate Gradebook Marks, when assessment marks are submitted”

  • New settings have been added in Homework settings, namely “Allow Staff/Teachers to Enter/Modify publish time” and “Default filter value for Parents/Students”

  • The following settings have been removed: “Default homework list view”, “Show last record per Student for timetable view”, “Available preview option for timetable entries”
  • In Teachers’ portal, an additional Homework view has been added, i.e., “List per Answers”

  • In Parent’s portal, Homework filtering and display has been improved


  • An additional setting has been added, namely “Allow Applicants to optionally add only the names of Father and Mother relative contacts”

  • A new setting has been added in Signup & Applicants Portal settings, “Allow Applicants to add only one of the identification types during personal data submission”

  • The gender field can be hidden from the signup form, following the appropriate configuration
  • A new group of app settings “Date of Birth Controls” has been added in Application Management settings

  • An additional option “Global Registration Number” has been added in the “Identification Document to be required upon sign-up” setting


  • Students or Parents can view all arrangements and receipts for all periods as in online payments


  • An additional feature has been added to massively cancel meetings

  • The educators’ availability can now be massively defined


  • Improving and adding book return process using barcode scanning

  • Students and educators can borrow the same books, following the setting “Allow the lending of multiple copies of the same book”

Internship & Thesis

  • More internship and thesis statuses have been added to the respective dropdown list for companies/employers

  • Contacts can be added in companies/employers through the company form
  • A new setting has been added in Internship & Thesis settings, “Available Create options for Companies/Employers”

  • A new dropdown list has been added, namely “Internship/Thesis Types”

  • A student can now be registered in multiple internships per subject
  • Multiple improvements have been processed in companies/partners portal


  • A check is performed before a student moves to the next semester/graduates based on curriculum, following the appropriate configuration

Advanced Features

  • Students, Educators and Documents can now be imported or updated through mass import

District Management

  • An additional setting has been added, namely “Allow end users to create events for the following institutes”, with which cross institute events can be created.

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