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Prepare and distribute questionnaires or quizzes.

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Teacher can now create either online or offline quizzes for their courses.

Classter supports the creation of a pool of questions per course or per academic sector. Quizzes may be adaptive and are distributed using exams, assignments or daily homework. Your students will answer assigned quizzes using their tablet or just a web browser.

Online Questionnaires - Surveys for Students, Teachers or Parents

Schools, teachers or academic advisors may execute online surveys by creating and distributing questionnaires to students, parents or teachers.

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Questions may be defined using Classter Quiz Builder and questionnaires are distributed automatically per course, class or curriculum, mentor or teacher.

Monitor in real-time who answers your questionnaires, submit different questionnaire per course or teacher, support mentors feedback and enable anonymous surveys by using special tablets in the classrooms.

Online surveys management is now easy thanks to the end-to-end approach provided by Classter platform!

Quiz Creation Tools – Quiz Builder

An advanced Quiz creation tool is provided as part of Classter.

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End-users may create one or more sections per quiz or questionnaire, while in each section may add multiple questions, define a number of answers and build dynamic flows.

All steps are smoothly created in a user-friendly interface that allows any teacher to easily create and publish unique quizzes.

Start building a large pool of ready-made questions per subject or course!

Computerized "Smart" Marking with Scanning Possibility

When students answer quizzes, Classter calculates marks in real time.

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If the quiz has open-ended questions, Classter provides the teacher with a user friendly interface so that she/he can mark each answer online.

Additionally, Classter allows the production of answer sheets. Students may mark their answers on paper and then the school scans them. Like that answers can be automatically imported into the system and Classter will provide the overall mark for all students in a second.

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