Multiple Institutes, Locations and Adaptive Terminology

Classter enables the creation and central management of multiple institutes or academies.

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From the same back office system “Classter Manager” and in a common database, you can set different institutes with identical or even different configuration and support multiple educational levels and types of academies centrally.

Each institute can have a different structure accompanied by a dynamically defined terminology.

Classter provides you with the ability to list multiple locations per institute or academy and handles faculties or schools, educational programs, grades of studies, levels, streams, semesters and much more using an intuitive configuration tool.

In the same, easy to use, tool you can set and manage multiple academic periods, as well as the corresponding marking period lists.

Educational Programs & School Registration Management

Enrolling students to educational programs may be a very arduous and time-consuming task. Using Classter your school registers can be managed easily.

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Each student may be enrolled in several educational programs and curriculums, such as multiple classes (e.g. Year 11 and IB Year 1 together) or multiple college programs (e.g. bachelor in marketing as major and computer science as minor). All these complex combinations form your school registers.

Classter’s complete software enables you to create and administrate multiple educational programs and groups of students. It also helps you maintain multiple statuses of a student (e.g. Candidates, Registered, Alumni, Deleted etc.)

Contacts Detailed Cards and Family Management

Having as main purpose to make your everyday life easier, Classter team has developed a detailed card for each of your students, teachers, parents, employees or other contacts.

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Student’s card which keeps any information from demographic and contact details to academic and financial data. In the same card, you can also upload files and certificates, complement a detailed medical record and manage his/her transportation data, record actions or remarks, handle complaints and much more.

Classter facilitates you in the creation of contacts’ connections. You can connect siblings or other family members in just a few clicks creating dynamic Families structures.

All your contacts can be contacted either separately or massively by email or SMS. For more information on how to keep your contacts updated, check our Classter CRM module!

Curriculum Development

Classter team has deployed advanced curriculum tools. Using Classter Admission module, students may be enrolled online to multiple educational programs and curriculum plans.

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Each curriculum may consist of a customizable set of subjects (mandatory or electives). Students or parents in K12 type of schools can enroll or apply for any subject included in their curriculum using dynamically specified rules.

These rules may be configured by end users or IT administrators using an advanced curriculum configurator tool. The tool allows users to set rules such as the total number of subjects allowed or required, pre-requisite subjects and much more.

Classter has two different tools and methods supported for curriculum planning. One for K12 type of institutes and one for adaptive, personalized curriculum planning used mainly in Higher Education or in academies that employ adaptive curriculum structures.

Extra Curricular Activities

Extra-curricular activities induce more administrative burdens. Classter incentive is to offer effective management of all the activities like clubs or afternoon courses that your school may offer.

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From within Classter Manager you can create any type of activity in just a few steps, give a detailed description and ask students or parents to enroll online (part of Classter Admission).

Classter also features multiple timetables per activity, activities groups, management of activities constraints and much more.

Subject and Groups Management

In Classter, subjects’ creation becomes an effortless process. You just register a subject with all academic and billing data, upload complimentary files and form its online presence.

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Specifically, for each course you can design its grading and syllabus structure. You can also associate any course with physical or digital books and provide a detailed lesson plan.

To enable enrollment, Classter has deployed the online subject enrollment tool as part of Classter Admission module. Now students get to enroll online to subjects (obligatory or optional) based on the curriculum plan or educational program they attend. Access to subject online libraries is achieved via the integration with Sharepoint Online or Office365.

However, this is not all. Classter has an advance Group management tool. Students may be enrolled to multiple Groups. In each group, a student may attend one or more subjects. Tools for mass group – subject enrollment are provided.

Group creation may be done in advanced or based on final subject enrollments.

Groups are managed in a different way in K12 rather than in Higher Education implementations. Classter adapts the Group management accordingly.

Additional Services

The School Administration process doesn’t stop on the above. With Classter, thanks to the comprehensive activities modules, you can also manage additional services such as organizing trips, excursion or seminars.

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You can also handle school services such as lunch or accommodation or any other activity like study abroad and a lot more.

Timetable Management

Facing difficulties in creating an effectual timetable for students & teachers? Classter’s unique software supports multiple timetables creation per teacher and group or per classroom and group.

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The smart system identifies students’ and teachers’ time constraints and then support the user to easily create timetables. At the same time, it controls any limitation or even duplication per timetable creation. Upon the creation, you can monitor its execution on a weekly basis.

Manage substitutions, multiple teachers per class or multiple groups or subjects per class sessions. Classroom availability and constrains are also handled by Classter.

Save your manpower and your time and schedule everything effectively! Let students, parents and educators to easily check and download their weekly timetable.

Year to year transfers

Classter allows you to manage multiple academic periods! Move students and teachers from one academic period to the next with a few clicks!

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Not only this, but also automatically assign students to the correct location, level, grade or year.

Classter will also take care of all automated groups and subjects enrollments based on pre-defined chains of subjects and groups!. It will also provide you statistical analysis related to re-registration or new-registration numbers. You may even transfer students to the next year as candidates until they accept re-registration!

Classter offers advanced business logic for all these processes! Use Classter and minimize the time required for setting up a new academic year!

Document Management

Apart from these, you can maintain document libraries associated with students, teachers, groups, courses or activities or almost any other entity used in Classter.

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Take a look at the screenshot to get complete view of a fellow’s document management.

Automated User Management

Back office users can print account information or send it to the users’ personal emails.

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Like that you can easily provide accounts to everybody!

But more than this, Classter offers advanced account management tools and functions! Get Classter and manage thousands of end-users with a few clicks!

Employees and Other Contacts

Use Classter to keep all your contacts gathered. Employees, suppliers, external companies and other academies or any other type of contact, may be registered in Classter.

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They all have a dedicated tab that concentrates all the necessary information. Analytic lists allows you to manage all entries. Export to Excel is easy.

Personal Data & Demographics

Passport information, language spoken, family status, referral data, nationalities, past experience, medical data and almost any other piece of information related to students or their parents may be easily entered in Classter.

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Get organized now and reduce your administration cost!

Secure Solution - Cloud, Hybrid or On-premises

Enjoy the full functionality of Classter securely.

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Classter is cloud based, hosted on Microsoft Azure and of course it supports high SSL encryption and protection.

For the non-fans of the Cloud, we can offer on-premises installation or even a hybrid solution where Classter on Cloud has access to your school data from your school database server!

But keep in mind that Classter on Cloud is a secured and managed environment! All your stored information in the database automatically backs up on a regular basis.

Moodle and Office365 Integration

An end to end School Management means that it supports unified systems. That is why Classter is fully integrated with Moodle LMS and Office365.

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Any student, teacher registered active in Classter can automatically get an account to Moodle LMS and based on Classter enrollments to subjects and groups, Moodle courses will be assigned to teachers and students. Any enrollment changes in Classter or a change of student or teacher status will be automatically reflected in Moodle. Using a Single Sign On (SSO) mechanism, students and teachers can access Moodle courses from within Classter dashboard.

Similarly, Classter Office365 for education is also fully integrated with Classter. Students, teachers or even parents and employees created in Classter can automatically get an Office365 account. E-Mail boxes are automatically provisioned by Classter. Classter also assigns all Office365 licences and creates security groups. All users are automatically assigned to security groups based on Classter’s configuration.

Using a single sign-on mechanism, teachers and students can access not only Moodle courses but also Office365 subject libraries allowing institutions to use all three systems as one unified solution!

BI Tools and Dashboards

Track your school's progress using BI tools. Get a clear financial analysis for all payments, invoices, income and expense transactions.

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Use Classter's BI tools to figure out budget issues like students' turnover per hour, or academic issues like drop-off rates. Investigate social issues such as bullying events or parents' comments and complaints ratios.

Improve your academy performance, by exploring Classter forecast reports and analytics, calculating teachers' cost and total expenses as well as teachers - classes profit.

To enable monitoring of students' performance by teachers, Classter also provides teachers with analytical and statistics tools on their personal portal.

Open Web API

Every connection - communication should be treated as part of a continuous relationship.

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Based on this philosophy Classter offers an Open Web API for common operations for 3rd parties' integration.

With Classter predefined Web API calls, our customers and partners can retrieve important data at their convenience.

Customizable Reports & Lists

Classter enables you to set up reports for academic or financial data in multiple formats (pdf, excel or even word files).

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Discover the custom menus for reporting and create high-quality reports, effortlessly and promptly.

Dynamic reporting and grid views are offered with role-based security.

Customization Features

A School Management solution should be fully customizable and adaptable to different educational requirements and processes. Classter provides you with a wide range of customization options.

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Use Classter's BI tools to figure out budget issues like students' turnover per hour, or academic issues like drop-off rates. Investigate social issues such as bullying events or parents' comments and complaints ratios.

The configuration or customization of your educational institution is wizard-based so that you can access all steps of each process in detail. Change forms and grids layouts and add your own tailor-made elements.

In a complex academic environment, job roles separation and users' security management is crucial. This is why Classter supports a role-based security with different policies for various account types.

Report Builder

Take advantage of the integrated Microsoft reporting tools that provide you with an intuitive report authoring environment.

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MS Report Builder is a tool for creating paginated reports in a stand-alone environment. You can add visualizations including maps and data-bars to enrich your report with useful insights.

If you are a fan of MS Word, Classter provides a Word Add-in as well. Create documents and forms easily and handle your data regardless of their number.

Customized Portal & Pages

Tailor-made is always better.

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Upload your logos and branding elements to customize the layout of your portals and give students and teachers the sense of your school community wherever they are.

You can enjoy the functionality of your portal from the device you prefer, as it is compatible with desktops, tablets and smartphones.

And a tip at the end: control the sharing of information by user type and keep your pupils' data secure.


Classter is fully integrated with some of the most popular systems like Microsoft Office 365, Skype for Business, MS OneNote, MS Word, Windows Active Directory.

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It is also integrated with Moodle LMS using Moodle web services, offering most of its features.

Save your time and profit with these integrations; get the most complete School Management System to run your educational institution successfully.

Bulk Actions

Save your IT department and your administrators from hours of effort when conducting mass actions.

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They can import data from excel files massively and export data in any format.

Remove students from classes, courses, activities or bus routes "en masse" and complete daily tasks quickly.

Mass Export

Now that your reports are ready, you can export them massively!

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Export any list or report to EXCEL, Pdf or Word.

Additionally, you can automatically create Pdf reports for each student and then email them with one click. Each recipient will receive the same email but with a different, personalized pdf attached. Send personalized reports about user account data, grade reports or financial letters to hundreds of users with a couple of clicks.

Templates Management

Classter allows you to customize all the communication sent to end users such as students, parents and teachers.

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Any SMS, email or automated email sent by Classter is based on open, user editable templates.

Create templates easily thanks to the Classter' s template manager. Classter admission, CRM, registration extensively use templates for emailing or SMSing.

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