Financial Arrangements & Installment plan

Have you ever tried to manage school tution fees with an ordinary accounting package? If so, then you know all issues solved by Classter Billing module!

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Use Classter and for each service billed create an unique installment plan. Assign payment dates, amounts and get a detailed plan of all your payments in the academic year.

Agreements or Contracts Management

Any financial arrangement and installment plan created in Classter can be associated with a corresponding financial agreement.

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Versioning control, commit / uncommit of the financial agreement as well as automated agreement numbering are some of the features included.

Use Classter and get you legal department happy!

Flexible Pricing Lists and Policies

We have encountered multiple method of pricing in different academies or institutions.

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Some academies bill based on the student level, other based on number of teaching hours. In more extreme cases, academies bill per number of students in the classroom or even using a combination of all above.

Advanced pricing policies are required by many academies or institutions and Classter is here to meet most of them out of the box! Just contact us to show how!

Automated mass billing

Classter supports for mass billing in a methodology similar to a telecom provider.

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Create detailed billing plans and issue invoices for thousand of students per service with a click.

Classter will calculate correct amount left for billing and will issue all invoices as pdf.

End customer may download them from the portal. Alternatively, you can email to them!

Online Payments

End customer accessing the portal have a detailed view of their accounting card and status.

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We integrate with external payment gateways and thus we allow end customer to easily pay tuition fees or other services using their credit card.

Alternatively, if customer pay by wire transfer, you can upload a bank exported electronic file with all payments and imported automatically to Classter. A special tool will guide through a semi-automated matching process.

Use Classter and made payment process and easy process!

Manage Payers & Activities

Troubles in managing payers effectively?

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Classter supports handling of multiple payers with comprehensive contact data of each person responsible for financial agreements.

Besides that, you can manage bad debtors with automated informative emails and handle taxes, VAT or other administrative fees.

To have a clear picture of your additional activities, Classter provides you with management tools for financial and billing of private courses, hourly paid courses, extra-curriculum events, clubs or services.

Payments overview & Overdues

When an academic period starts, all financial agreements may be registered in Classter in advance.

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Like that a detailed forecast of all payments is created in Classter.

Your accounting department will have a detailed view all planned payments per month and service. They can easily identify due or delayed payments, revenue expected per month or service or payer and much more.

The whole system is integrated with the CRM module allowing the mass creation of CRM actions or registration of remarks. Automated SMS or email to overdue payers can be sent via Classter Manager.

Minimize your delayed payments and forecast all year revenue with just a click!

Forecast & Expenditures

Get all your budget planning requirements covered. Monitor your revenue and your students accounting cards.

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View accounting cards and accounting balance sheets in detail and perform revenue split per grade, program, class, specialization, school year, location etc.

Manage your school’s expenses quick and simple and forecast financial profits per student, teacher, class or school.

With Classter you do make an impact on your financial management.

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