7 Reasons Why Having an Admission Software is Crucial

admissiion software

The growing number of students applying to university-level studies causes high pressure on the administrative body of Higher Education organizations. It is difficult to manage the admission process manually and at the same time, conduct the process accurately and in a timely manner. Managing admissions can be a daunting and challenging task for universities and colleges but with the advent of new technologies, an admission software can make the process easier, since anything can be managed online.

It is no surprise that most educational organizations have shifted to the solution of a cloud-based SIS. Institutes are increasingly using technology to not only improve not students’ academic progress but also their admissions process. An online admission management system is essential in today’s educational environment. It allows institutions to keep track of applicants and admission decisions more easily.

Let us have a deeper look at why admission software is a key tool for every educational institution.

Admission Software

Track and Evaluate Applications

Your candidates are enabled to submit multiple applications for every educational program they are interested in. At the same time, they can also set priority on preferred courses. On the other hand, admission administrators can retrieve detailed information, such as how many applications have been received versus how many students have created an account but have not submitted their applications, application stage, etc. Additionally, closed intakes for each academic year can be reopened rather than recreated. An admission software can provide a comprehensive overview for every applicant allowing your institution to make informed decisions about the effectiveness of the admission process.

Effective Communication

An online admission system streamlines communication between applicants and school administrators effortlessly and in real-time. The information is already stored in the system’s database, so you don’t need to enter it manually. Easily inform prospective students about the progress, status, or completion of their applications. Get in touch quickly via e-mail, SMS, or with direct messages through the platform and arrange interviews or inform them about any missing or pending issues.

Zero Lost Documents

A well-designed admission software stores all applicants’ data automatically in a safe cloud-based environment. What most people don’t know is that the information saved with a cloud service provider is safer than the information stored in a computer’s hard drive. If your computer crashes or your data center is destroyed due to e.g., a physical disaster, you’ll still have access to your files since there will always be a copy encrypted and available in another data center.

Paperless Solution

Online application management tools are designed to take care of the admission process from start to finish. Applicants follow the steps and upload all necessary information and documents in an online environment to complete their application. Institutions can use filtering tools to screen out ineligible candidates and inaccurate applications. It’s a digital solution that eliminates paperwork’s cost and transits the application process into a more eco and budget-friendly procedure.

Real-time Reports and Updates

With an admission software, universities and colleges can track their admission process in real-time. A well-built admission software will let you access data and provide you with information about applications received, the number of application fees paid, the stage of the application process students are in etc. You can get a detailed report on your application process KPIs, how they’ve changed from the last intake, and what kind of marketing activities might be necessary to improve them.

Available 24/7

Online admission software enables applicants to submit their applications online anytime and from anywhere. The system is always operational, 24 hours a day and seven days a week. Application processing time is reduced significantly since the platform is user-friendly and can be used from anywhere. Moreover, an admission management software can support your applicants anytime by providing them with helpful tutorials, chatbots, and FAQs to solve possible questions and queries.

Easily Complete Online Payments

The introduction of online payment is not a new concept, but today it is more relevant than ever. Online payment gateways offer applicants the ability to pay their tuition fees online, easily, and securely, as the final part of the application process. In collaboration with the institute’s Student Information System and Admission Software, an online payment gateway integration provides a unified solution that allows applicants to complete all necessary actions safely from the web.

Wrap up

Innovative admission software will overall help you simplify and improve your admissions workflow. It is worth noting that students nowadays are more aware and tech-savvy than 10 years ago. As time goes by, admission software is becoming an essential tool for educational organizations. Its robust features streamline the organization’s administration from start to finish. The optimization and automation of the application process can only benefit you and result in enhanced organizational efficiency.


How can an admission software help my institution manage the growing number of student applications?

Admission software enables institutions to track and evaluate applications efficiently, providing a comprehensive overview of applicant data to make informed decisions.

How does an admission software ensure the security of applicants’ documents?

A well-designed admission software stores applicants’ data in a safe cloud-based environment, reducing the risk of lost documents and ensuring data security even in the event of a physical disaster.

Can an admission software facilitate online payments for applicants?

Yes, admission software integrates with online payment gateways, allowing applicants to securely and conveniently pay tuition fees online as the final step of the application process

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